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Good Government

Author: maskarvision

One Lot at a Time‭:‬ Leveraging Publicly Owned Land to Support Entrepreneurship and Affordable Housing

By maskarvision

Currently, the City of Philadelphia has approximately 5,200 vacant parcels of land available for sale – a minimal change from the 6,300 recorded in 2019.1 Still, these figures do not include as many as 35,000 vacant and tax delinquent properties that remain in private hands.2    Philadelphia disposes of land for development through both proactive … Continued

Access to Capital for Philadelphia’s Diverse Business Owners

By maskarvision

What would it look like for Philadelphia to have the fastest growth rate of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-owned business formation and job growth in the U.S.? Over the next several years, Philadelphia has a chance to drive much-needed capital to its small business community and entrepreneurs, especially Black, Latino(a), and Asian-owned businesses, which … Continued